Nominet rules in favour of Bicycle Association GB in ACT domain claim

Domain name registry service Nominent has ruled in favour of the Bicycle Association GB in a URL dispute with the UK’s Association of Cycle Traders.

The ACT had taken ownership of and, redirecting this traffic to its own web portal.

The new ruling follows an appeal by the ACT on which Nominent has now outlined that the use of the domain’s is misleading and therefore to be returned to the BAGB.

Details of the dispute can be found here.

“This is the outcome of an historical dispute over domain name ownership with the third party which provides web services to the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT).

“From the outset the Bicycle Association has been at a loss to understand why the ACT’s agent should have wished to pursue such a claim (which was patently misleading), despite our best efforts to make a reasonable case over several years for their desisting. It has proved a time-consuming and costly exercise for them, and served only to detract from the real business issues that the industry faces.

“The Bicycle Association has nevertheless continued to meet and communicate with the ACT on a wide range of issues of shared interest and importance to its members, and that of the wider industry.

“In 2016 it is even clearer how both organisations bring unique insight, expertise, and services together in the interests of all parts of the cycling industry. In our view it has never been more important for the supply and retail sides of the industry to work together to develop and support our diverse industry.”