Nuun develops immunity tab product for cyclists

Sports nutrition label Nuun has lifted the lid on a new line of products designed to boost immunity to sickness. 

Cyclists can often be guilty of overdoing it and subsequently get run down, this product, says Nuun is formulated to give your immune system that kick it needs to recover.

Dubbed simply ‘Immunity’, the dissolvable tabs blend anti inflammatories, antioxidants and vitamins, mixing in the brand’s signature electrolytes optimised for hydration. Ingredients used are non-GMO Project Verified inflammation and pathogen fighting ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, elderberry, Echinacea, selenium and zinc.

Like the hydration lines, 1 serving (or tablet) is served with a full 16 oz. glass of water. Initially two flavors: blueberry tangerineand orange citrus are to go on sale.