oBike launches cryptocurrency oCoin that generates value as you ride

A new cryptocurrency introduced by oBike in partnership with TRON will today go live.

Dubbed oCoin, the latest cyrptocurrency goes on token sale to institutional investors, with four billion oCoins for sale. This was announced today by Odyssey, the oCoin not-for-profit foundation.

Odyssey leverages on blockchain technology. It aims to establish oCoin, its official token and the basic unit of accounts in Odyssey’s blockchain, as an acceptable mode of payment globally without the need for central bodies or third parties. Foundation members include key founding and executive members from global leading transportation sharing companies.

oCoin, which is based on the Ethereum protocol, currently accepts only ETH, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency token. Hence, all participants’ wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible to purchase oCoins. It has plans to support TRX, TRON’s cryptocurrency token in the near future.

oBike, one of the world’s largest bike share operators, has become the first application of the sharing economy to be compatible with the Odyssey protocol. As part of its strategic partnership, Odyssey will work closely with TRON on cross-ecosystem collaborations which will benefit Odyssey’s sub-ecosystem like oBike.

Investors of oCoins can also use them to purchase online content, or on any applications that are on TRON’s platform. oBike users will be able to use oCoins to pay for their rides as well as top up their oBike wallets using oCoins. oBike users can also look forward to generating oCoins whenever they ride, with the ability to earn more oCoins the longer they ride.

Also announced today, oBike’s mobile app in Asia now offers a delivery service called oBike Flash. Those who sign up to be ‘Flashmen’ can earn oCoins by handling deliveries.

Institutional investors who are keen to participate in this token sale, can contact via Telegram.

More information can be found on the official Facebook page.