MV Sports takes stock of overhauled Elswick ladies range

MV Sports has today received its first batch of its overhauled 2018 Elswick ladies bike portfolio.

“We have gone a bit wild on the colour schemes this time around to avoid being like the rest of the market, so they are very ‘marmite’ love them or hate them,” says brand manager Graham O’Hara. “I think for selling online these days that helps – if you look very ‘samey’ then decisions get dragged out and the customer fails to make a decision. Ours will now be very much ‘I love it’ and ‘I’ll buy it’ or ‘that’s horrific’ and they will move on.”

The five ladies build are:

The Elswick Elegance (RRP £249)

The Elswick Deluxe (RRP £239)

The Elswick Ritz (RRP £219)

The Elswick Royal (RRP £209)

The Elswick Jumeirah Beach (RRP £249)

Dealer sales enquiries can be made by contacting Phil Haveron on 07793 443777, or by email here.