Product focus: The countertop sales appeal of Fidlock

There’s much to be said for keeping your customers busy in the run up to serving them, so if eye-catching point of sale is something your store does particularly well from Fidlock might just have a conversation starter for you. CI.N learns more…

New to the Ison portfolio for 2020 is one of those rare products that others will look upon and think “why didn’t we do that”. Known to many for its easy to use magnetic helmet clasps, Fidlock is, in product design and user-friendliness terms, a no-brainer for the cycling accessories market; and yet it is only recently the clasp system has been adapted to suit more products.

Those attending CoreBike late in January will been able to get hands on with what is most certainly a product that has to be played with to be fully appreciated. The creator Holger Knorr flew in to present the range and demo to dealers alongside other recent signings to the Ison stable.

The simplicity of the design lies in the Twist System, as deployed across bottles and saddlebags. As the branding suggests, the Fidlock activates both in and out of engagement with a simple rotation. A reassuring snap lets the rider know that the bottle or bag has reattached, as helped on by a decent strength magnet. For in the saddle glove use there’s little else on the market that can be operated with such ease, believes new distributor Ison.

Ison managing director Lloyd Townsend said of the system: “The Twist bottle has revolutionized the bike bottle.  Without the conventional bottle cage, this magnet-mechanical bike bottle system offers a new kind of freedom in handling and application. It is simply released from the bike with an easy “Twist” movement and just as easily reattached by bringing together the magnetic areas, which then also includes a mechanical locking system. This easy access is especially useful on bikes where bottle space is restricted.”

Fidlock offer two sizes of its bottle – 450ml and 600ml – plus a BOA fit adaptor option to allow your customer to use the Fidlock system to carry all manner of other objects from the bottle to bananas. What’s more, for the shop looking to cement that relationship with the customer Ison will offer custom printed bottles as a promotional option for dealers.

In store Ison promotes customer engagement with countertop, point of sale and slatwall options; each of which enables the customer to try the product for themselves.

A trio of base options add versatility and compatibility for the fittings. Twist Bike uses the two standard threaded bottle cage type inserts. Twist UNI fits any bike frame profile by using flexible straps and, finally, Twist TEX can be attached to textiles.

Ison Distribution: 01353 662662