Quarq’s clever suspension perfecting tech ShockWiz drops pricing

Suspension tuning device Shockwiz, now part of the SRAM Group’s Quarq portfolio, will drop its pricing by $60.

Created by a Perth-base engineer, the Shockwiz originally Kickstarted its way to success, with a significant number of backers taking interest in the suspension performance device.

ShockWiz automatically records and evaluates suspension performance every time a rider gets into the saddle. The ShockWiz app then displays straightforward adjustment recommendations that enable even the newbie to fine tune their suspension preferences for the type of riding they do. As such, the device has gathered further interest by bike makers and shops keen to give their customers the best performance.

The device delivers recommendations for riding styles ranging efficient to aggressive, pinpointing the ideal air pressure, spring rate, compression and rebound settings.

The standard version drops from $399 to $329, while the direct mount kit dips to $379 from $429.