Quebec to splash $15 million on 57 kilometres on additional cycling infrastructure

Quebec is to further build on its already 700 kilometre plus network of cycling infrastructure with a further $15 million investment.

The city’s bike paths have proved popular, something which city councillor Marc-Andre Gadoury says is reason to continue to expand the network to connect the region further. Gadoury is a urban transportation expert, now part of the Mayor’s team on transport.

Detailing plans to add 57 kilometres, the new proposals will extend the De Maisonneuve path through the city’s Village and toward boroughs in the east. The plans should help connect 13 Montreal boroughs and at least four of the island’s independent cities, reports The Suburban. 

The region, which is Canada’s second most populated and largest by footprint, plans to up its bike path network to surpass 1,000 kilometres in the next five years.

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This article has now been added to our series on cities around the world making progress on integrating cycling.