China to deeper explore Graphene’s potential, creates new Industry Union

China’s Government press agency has revealed that, like EU manufacturers, has eyes for developing Graphene technology, which shot to fame in the bike market last year in Vittoria’s catalogue.

China is now to create the International Graphene Industry Union – a non-Governmental organisation that’s expected to be established by September. As far as resource goes, China is graphite rich.

As far back as 2013, the EU set aside a €1bn subsidy to develop Graphene’s potential. The wonder material is strong, despite measuring just one atom thick, thus offering plenty of potential for lightweight cycling applications. Vittoria applied the material first to its wheels and then last year to its tyres, even down to commuter level. In this instance, the benefits are said to include lower rolling resistance, improvement in grip, reduced weight and greater longevity.

Offering strong conductivity, Graphene has the potential to sit within various electric bike applications, as well as potentially offering a new degree of flexibility in carbon frame production.