Raleigh debuts Stow-e-way electric folding bike

Raleigh has lifted the lid on its take on the electric folding bike, bringing forward a TransX-driven build retailing at £1,100.

The folding frame, handlebar and pedals mean the bike can be folded to a convenient 880mm x 440mm so it can be secure it in a luggage compartment on a train, or in the boot of a car.

Driven by a 45NM rear wheel motor, the pedal assisted Stow-e-way comes clad with Shimano 8-speed and four levels of electric assistance, offering up to 15mph in drive. The 250wh battery will also give a range of up to 50km* and its small size means it can be easily removed and charged away from the bike.

Dealers can now access the Stow-e-way on Raleigh’s B2B, or by contacting the firm on email.