Rapha teases adventure line, including sleeping bag and jacket combo

A Rapha product teaser has alluded to a departure deeper into outdoor and off road exploration as part of the winter and spring catalogue.

An eye-catcher within is the brief snapshot is a garment Rapha suggest you’ll be happy to sleep in. Falling under an ‘Explore’ banner, the “sleep system” looks to be a hybrid jacket and sleeping bag garment.

By October, Rapha hints that it will have a series of products that should combine to keep in the warmth as darkness descends upon outdoor exploration.

It is rumoured that there may be a modular system that sees a new Explore Sleeping Bag attach to an Explore Down Jacket. Attached to this, the rider will be able to add new Brevet Cargo Winter tights.

All the information released at present on the “Sleep System” is:

Tried and tested by Transcontinental race winners and current pros, the Explore collection is for pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground. Expert feedback from our testers and collaborators has led to completely new products such as the Rapha sleep system, a combination of the Explore Sleeping Bag and the versatile Explore Down Jacket, our own lightweight and waterproof bike packs, and the new Explore Cargo Winter Tights with pockets. Ride until life looks less familiar, and sleep wherever you lay your mat.

Also due in October, the firm will update several pieces in its Pro Team range, offering “protective, windblocking fabrics carefully positioned alongside more breathable materials to help with temperature regulation on colder rides.”

The Pro Team Winter Tights with Pad are said to be completely overhauled to improve the fit in the saddle.

Furthermore, a second collaboration with Canyon/SRAM rider Hannah Barnes will result in a new Hidden Leaves collection.

Rapha is currently said top be driving down the costs associated to its business in a bid to drive up profitability. Read more on that here.