Recon smart sunglasses scrapped in Intel’s wearables cuts

The Recon Jet sunglasses, an early entry into the world of smart glasses, has been scrapped in parent Intel’s quiet exit from the wearables arena.

On the market since 2013 and briefly part of the Madison stable, the smart glasses utilised a tiny projector the size of a grain of rice to give the cyclist realtime data on their performance, as well as offer the ability to take calls, among other features.

The company has now outlined that it will begin withdrawing the products from September 29th.

Increasing competition in the wearables market has seen companies like Solos and Everysight move into the smart glasses arena. Analysts, initially excited by the potential of the wearables market, have previously admitted that forecasts for the potential may have been optimistic.

CNBC has reported that Intel will largely axe its entire wearables operation, instead focusing its energy on augmented reality technology.