Reid Bikes launches new website aimed at novice cyclists

Reid Bikes has launched a new international website showcasing their full range of bikes, 10 year history and their desire to get more people out riding.

The new website offers both the option to view their full range of bikes, or delve deeper and see the bikes just available in specific countries. It also features a brand new tool for understanding geometries, weekly blog postings and more content.

Rob Akam, Managing Director commented: “I’m really excited about our new international website, as it showcases everything that we have done to strengthen our branding over the last few months. The new site aims to gives our users a much better online experience, and gain better knowledge about our brand and products, as well as find out how and where to buy much easier than before.”

Reid is entering a new phase in its life this year, having reached their 10-year anniversary from humble Australian beginnings. Still family owned by James Reid, that desire to be able to offer a great quality bike that isn’t going to cost an arm and leg is the driving factor in everything they do.

Quote from Kyle Gouveia, International Marketing Executive: “Our new website has been made with the focus on the users experience. We want to be able to provide the best and smoothest experience for them to explore more about us, our bikes and cycling in general and I’m confident our new website supplies this. We want to make cycling accessible to everyone and get more people outdoors riding bikes and this website is a great place for us to be able to do this.”