The Cycle Division picks up Active Root natural nutrition

The Cycle Division will carry the natural nutrition brand Active Root, with stock available to shop accounts immediately.

Speaking top CI.N about the label Martin Ingham, director at The Cycle Division said: “What we have with Active Root is a formula that doesn’t contain anything that will upset your stomach, certainly no maltodextrin, for example. Ginger too is known for its stomach calming properties and that sits alongside things like natural sugar cane derivatives for energy and sea salts to replaces electrolytes. The product is vegan friendly and gluten free, so can serve a huge customer base across multiple sports.”

Active Root sells both sachets and tubs, across three flavours (Natural Ginger, Ginger Peppermint and Ginger Green Tea) with The Cycle Division offering a no minimum order buy in for those shops interested in trying the brand in store. A low calorie version based on a natural sweetener is also offered.

Sachets retail for £1.50 a piece, while a 1.4 kilo tub will cost £24 at retail price. Smart bottle based packages with a sample of each flavour will also feature at £9.50 for a 750ml sample. Countertop boxes will come delivered with 20 sachets.

To enquire about stock of either Active Root, or the Cyclon workshop kit announced yesterday, contact the distributor on 01484 665 055.