Revo Bikes becomes Leatt neck brace test centre

Revolution Bike Park based Revo Bikes has been appointed as an official Leatt demo centre giving riders the chance to try out a neck brace before they buy.

Revo Bikes owner Mark Almond said: “Often riders want to try a Leatt Neck Brace on for size before committing to buying. Sometimes this is because they are uncertain of the correct size, but often it is because they may perceive the braces as potentially interfering with their range of movement.

“Once they try the Leatt Neck Braces they know how comfortable, light and unobtrusive they really are. You often forget you’re even wearing one.

“At Revo Bikes, we are fortunate to be based at one of the UK’s premier DH venues and this location gives riders the perfect opportunity to try Leatt out in the very terrain and for the type of riding it was designed for”

For a fee of £15, riders will have use of a brace for half a day to try out the fit, feel and comfort. The fee is then refunded off the price of any Leatt neck brace purchase made at the Revo Bikes store.

More information can be found at, or by calling the store on 01691 860193 from Thursday to Sunday.