Revonte adds proprietary battery to OEM motor proposition

Electric bike drive system maker Revonte has announced the addition of a proprietary battery, giving the firm an all-in-one solution for OEMs; and one that will have broad appear for those building for cargo applications.

Now pairing with the firm’s ONE Drive system, the AKKU 5 and AKKU 7 batteries pack a 530Wh and 730Wh capacity, respectively. Both models share the same external dimensions and locking mechanisms, making them interchangeable within a manufacturer’s various frame options.

Both the AKKU 5 and 7 have a unique modular extension feature where up to four batteries can be linked together with a combined capacity of 2.8KWh. Linking does not require any extra devices or electronics and can be done with different battery capacities and charge statuses, making the system a highly competitive feature for electric cargo bike manufacturer, for example.

The battery, developed exclusively for Revonte, uses modern 21700 Li-ion cells and is manufactured in Germany.

“We are incredibly excited by the battery developments at Revonte, especially the modular ability to add up to four batteries in parallel, both safely and intelligently. It makes specifying the range of our vehicles far simpler for our customers, as typically we want to offer a range from 30-120km per day depending on application.”, says Adam Barmby, founder and CEO of EAV.

“Revonte AKKU simplifies the whole process and also allows us to add features to our vehicle such as regenerative braking, solar charging and the use of the batteries for onboard systems”, he continues.

OEM flexibility is furthered in that the batteries are designed for both horizontal and vertical seating. Finally, five different insertion options and locking mechanisms (top-front, top-back, bottom-front, bottom-back and slide-in) are available without any modifications.

The development of Revonte AKKU has been made in collaboration with E-Bike Vision GmbH, located in Haibach, Germany. The business is ten years deep into design and production of e-bike goods for a variety of sources throughout the industry.