Riese & Müller business unit to aid partners in tapping commercial cargo space

Riese & Müller has launched a new business unit centred around four new electric cargo bikes that come well suited for commercial use.

The development will assist the brand’s partners in tapping into an evolving landscape of businesses turning to more efficient inner city vehicles. As reported last week, analysts now foresee 43% of electric cargo bike sales going to courier and parcel delivery firms, something that opens up a distinct possibility of sales of fleets, rather than individual bikes.

The new models come built for commercial, fleet and sharing use and are to be pitched at serving municipalities and businesses of all sizes, such as retail, catering, trade, healthcare or mobility businesses. Depending on the partner concept specialist dealers are to be directly involved in the process.

Riese & Müller timo“With Riese & Müller Business, we are bringing together our global sharing and fleet partners to create a central point of contact for the international expansion of sustainable mobility concepts and networks. We want to enable more people to leave their cars at home in everyday life and on holiday and are convinced that E-Bikes and Cargo Bikes are a key component in the mobility mix of the future and can make a significant contribution to advancing the transport revolution,” starts Timo Gührer, Head of Sales & International Strategy.

He adds: “Thanks to our expansive network of specialist dealers, we have competent partners worldwide who can support us in setting up further projects or who can develop projects on their own initiative.”

For many years now, Riese & Müller and its partners have been promoting major sharing and fleet projects.

One of its most innovative projects was implemented back in 2015 with carvelo2go, a service offered by the Mobility Academy of Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) and the Engagement Migros promotion fund. With around 350 Cargo Bikes in more than 85 cities and municipalities, the project is the largest Cargo Bike sharing system in the world. The project’s success shows that an increasing number of people, when presented with reasonable mobility alternatives, go about their day-to-day lives without the use of a car.

One of the latest projects of the new Business Unit is a joint sharing offer with Alnatura, an organic food company based in Darmstadt, Germany. In the greater Darmstadt region, the first Alnatura Super Natur stores have been equipped with Cargo Bikes from Riese & Müller. Customers can rent a bike directly in the store, free of charge, to bring their purchases home in a climate-neutral way. Plans to expand the project to other Alnatura locations are already underway.

The contact leading Riese & Müller’s new Business Unit is Philipp Rüppel, contactable by email here.