Riese & Müller loaning e-Cargo and E-bikes to those looking to ditch the car

Riese & Muller has taken the bold step to lure the E-bike-curious out of cars by introducing a trial scheme across San Francisco, New York, Portland, Oregon and Denver.

Dubbed the Riese & Müller Challenge, the scheme is calling on those pondering life without reliance on the car to take to the fleet of pedal-assisted bikes and document how the experience changes their lives.

Applicants for the bikes are simply asked to submit their thoughts on how an electric bike or electric cargobike could fit into their daily lives and reduce car mileage. Those who are successful will earn a month trial of Riese & Müller’s eCargo or Delite eBike.

To apply, fill out this form https://tinyurl.com/ycx5t4ef between Sept 5th and Sept 19th.

The firm will be using the hashtags #rethinkthecommute and #eadventure to track people’s journeys on social media.