Scholarships on offer for Trek’s women-only courses

Trek Bicycles has announced a scholarship program designed to assist female technicians in their path through the cycling industry.

To run out of the Waterloo headquarters, the School of Certified Service aims to bring through a greater number of women into the business. You can now apply for a position on the course here and must do so by June 27th.

The brand stated: “With women making up less than 10 percent of technicians in the bicycle industry today, it is our goal to grow this number substantially. In addition to the five courses currently being offered, the school has added three women’s-only courses: Women’s Trek Certified Assembly Technician (Aug. 15-19), Women’s Trek Certified Repair Technician (Sept. 19-23), and Women’s Trek Certified Expert Technician (Nov. 14-19). These three were specifically designed for those of all technical abilities to obtain the professional skills to further their careers in the cycling industry.”

Each scholarship has an approximate value of $3,000 and will be awarded based on the qualification of the entrant, as well as the quality of answer given in the application.