Schwalbe Aerothan 41g thermoplastic tube vows high protection

Joining the ranks of those producing a high-ticket, high performance inner tube, the Schwalbe Aerothan broke cover last week, weighing just 41 grams (road version) and promising new levels of protection.

While many may be leaning towards tubeless, this new innovation will be music to the ears of clincher fans who want a fit and forget solution. Schwalbe has certainly spent some time on this release, a claimed five years alongside chemical company BASF.

Made with a flexible thermoplastic the Aerothan is built to resist all of the common punctures cyclists pick up when riding over debris. In the instance that the tube is breached, Schwalbe say that thanks to its structural properties it won’t suddenly go flat and that air would escape “very slowly”.

“Even at extremely low air pressure, it retains its shape and thus stays rideable in a stable manner – pinch flats or burping becomes much less of a threat. In addition, mounting is much easier. The tube does not slide away and cannot get caught,” said the tyre and tube giant.

With the tube’s strength in mind Schwalbe says that riding at a lower pressure is possible on the Aerothan, a particular benefit to gravel riders who may wish to run the tubes.

“The Aerothan offers a high level of resilience, unique ultimate tensile strength, superior damping properties, extreme heat resistance and greatest wear resistance. They’re also fully recyclable,” concludes Schwalbe.

At £24.99 for a tube it’s pitched at those who don’t mind paying a premium for a fit and forget solution that tips the scales at around half the weight of the lighter butyl tubes on the market.

To begin with eight sizes will cover the road, gravel/trekking and mountain bike segments. A 40mm valve features on each, so there are certain rims where a valve extender may be desired.