Schwalbe’s new Air Plus tailored for heavier e-Bikes & cargo bikes

Made from pure butyl rubber, Schwalbe’s new Air Plus tube comes with increased wall thickness and retains air significantly longer than standard tubes, according to the brand.
Schwalbe has pitched the new tubes, with their air retention features, as particularly useful for riders of e- and cargo bikes who are on the move with a higher bike weight. In these cases, the Air Plus tube retains air much longer and better protects against pinch and penetrating punctures.

Schwalbe is also targeting rental bike providers with the new tube, for care-free longer riding times and less maintenance, just like everyday cyclists who simply want to cycle and inflate less often.

“Our Air Plus tube contains pure butyl rubber, which has a very low air permeability,” explained Marcus Lambertz, Schwalbe Product Manager. “This along with a wall thickness of 1.5 millimeters – approximately 70% more than a conventional bicycle tube – result in a 50% higher air retention depending on the tyre size and air pressure.”

With normal use, this means more time in between having to inflate the tube again, Schwalbe said, adding that the increased wall thickness also provides above-average protection against punctures. With these advantages the 120 grams that the Air Plus tube weighs (28 inches) should hardly be noticeable to riders, it added.