Shimano files patent for ABS system for bikes

Shimano has filed a patent for an ABS braking system for bikes, hinting the components giant may well release its own version of the trending technology sometime in the future.

In the patent text, it appears the ABS system is designed with e-Bikes in mind (“a vehicle that at least partially uses human force as a prime mover for travelling, and includes vehicles that assist human force with electric power”) but also refers to bikes of all types which could leave the door open to further developments down the line: “The type of human-powered vehicle [shown in diagram A] can be a road bike, a mountain bike, or a cross bike” the text explained.

First spotted by BikeRadar, the patent listing refers to speed and acceleration sensors designed to measure and respond to the “travelling environment” of the rider and “vehicle body speed” as well as GPS and a LIDAR light receiver which uses lasers and responds to “a light emitter that is configured to emit light to a travelling road surface”.

Last month, the CycleEurope Group lifted the lid on the first electric bike to fully integrate an ABS braking system, Blubrake ABS, which featured on the Crescent Ellie 7-VXL ABS Koppla model.

In June 2017, CI.N first broke news of Bosch debuting what was considered to be the first workable prototype of an ABS braking system for bicycles and the manufacturer has developed the system further since then.

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