Spanish electric bike market posts 40% year-on-year growth

AMBE, the Spanish industry organisation for the cycling business, has posted its annual market report, which reveals a market worth €1.5 billion in 2015.

Representing an 8.62% growth over 2014, the market’s leading categories – MTB and Kids – did slip by volume, the former by 1.69% to 514,714 and the latter by 1.78% to 389,546. These segments represent some 80+ percent of trade, but as seems to be the case across Europe there’s a new kid on the block scooping market share.

It has been revealed the electric bike trade in Spain increased some 39.35% in sales volume, taking it to a 2% overall slice of sales. Though seemingly insignificant in the bigger picture, this 2% makes up over 7% of the turnover of Spanish bicycle retailers, or nearly €36 million. Offering dealers a good chance to make a healthy margin, the average sale price has increased to €1,461, up 12% in 2015.

This report comes hot on the heels of Netherlands trade org RAI’s findings that electric bike sales now top pedal cycle sales at 57%.