Speed pedelec specialist Stromer joins Hotlines stable

Hotlines has announced the addition of Swiss speed pedelec specialist Stromer to its portfolio for UK distribution.

With a view to tapping into a growing European marketplace for speed pedelecs at a time when the discussion around e-Bike speed has never run hotter, Hotlines’ has pledged to guide bike shops on how to legally and effectively sell the high-speed electric bikes, including what paperwork is required to ensure customers are abiding by current regulations.

Hotlines said: “As the speed pedelec market continues to grow in Europe we are excited to bring Stromer to UK customers as more people make the switch to electric transport options.”

Stromer has been designing and delivering speed pedelecs since 2009 and has notoriously turned heads for its high levels of integration of advanced technology. Stromer is now a rapidly expanding company with a range of models all built around the same integrated tech and rear hub drive motor. This year the ST5 ABS was awarded both an iF Design Award and took “Best Of” in the Automotive Brand Contest’s transportation category.

The subject of how fast electric bikes should be permitted to go and the framework surrounding governance has been repeatedly in the press lately with disruptors such as Vanmoof and BMW offering contrary stances to the play it safe stance that European trade bodies tend to encourage. Over and above the discussion around legally registered light electric vehicles, trade bodies have issued a stronger stance against the practice of tampering, which very often creates a whole new class of vehicle, thus changing the legal requirements.

Where bylaws have made the speed pedelec a more consumer friendly and accessible purchase sales have surged. LEVA-EU is among those trade bodies encouraging a softening of the regulations around speed pedelecs, flagging the success of Flanders’ 365SNEL project. 

The speed pedelec label’s addition closely follows the announcement by Hotlines that Gloworm Lights would also join the distributor’s stocks.

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