Sportline offers dealers Ridley Road Test Centre status

Sportline has debuted a new initiative for its dealers, creating a Ridley Road Test Centre badge for those stores stocking the brand.

Offering retailers a flexible six month payment plan for the demo fleet, Test Centres will be listed as destination stores for consumers wanting to know the difference between a Fenix SL, Helium X or Noah. Each having been ridden by Andre Greipel in the classics, Sportline emphasise that it’s not always clear to consumers why pros choose a certain bike for stages and that Test Centres would play a big part in education and driving sales of the band in the UK.

A bit about the bikes:

Fenix SL 105 Mix – SRP: £1,899.99

The Ridley Fenix SL is the brand’s premier ‘all around’ bike. It offers a perfect balance between true race performance, proven strength and durability and all day ride comfort. Make no mistake. This is not a lounge chair. Just ask Lotto Soudal who actively campaigned the frame in the WorldTour spring classics in 2015. André Greipel, sprinting ace, was surprised by the combination of stiffness that transferred his power into forward motion, and shock absorption, which helped him stay seated on the roughest cobbled road sections. With clearance of up to 30mm tyres.

Helium X Ultegra – SRP: £2,899.99

Lighter is better right? Yes and no. Yes, it is better if it can transfer your power efficiently to the road. No, if all that effort you take trying to move the bike forward simply goes up in flexing the frame back and forth. The Helium range is a non-compromising solution for the rider who demands the lightest weight from his bicycle yet still wants the bike to stay stiff and resilient under his feet.

Noah Ultegra Mix – SRP: £2,499.99

Ridley put all of the successful ingredients of the Noah SL into the ‘ordinary’ Noah, making it a top class, yet affordable bike. The rigid 24-ton carbon transfers every pedal stroke right onto the asphalt. If you need a companion to set foot on racing grounds, then take the Noah with you.

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