SQlab launches comfort-oriented M-D line of saddles

Developed with medical experts, SQlabs’ new M-D line of comfort saddles have more space to help relieve pressure and active technology that supports the natural movement of the pelvis.

The M-D line includes two saddles – for trekking and for city bikes. Based on the current 602 Ergolux Active and 621 Active, the M-D line stands for Maximised Dip and feature a single elevated level at the back. The elevation distributes the body weight over the sit bones and significantly relieves the pressure of the perineum, the firm said.

While the current 602 and 621 models by SQlab are not unfamiliar products to the nation’s cycle shops (using SQlab’s Active and Ergolux tech), the M-D line is for cyclists which require extra pressure relief during their rides. For the 602 M-D Active, the renewed shape with a single elevated level provides up to 15% more relief of the sensitive areas. The new 621 M-D Active will replace the 621 Active and provides 5% more pressure relief than the old model. The amount of relief of the perineum will also be sufficient for people with an age-related, enlarged prostate.

Natural pedalling movement 

The 602 and 621 M-D Active are both equipped with the SQlab’s Active technology. The construction of the saddle allows a degree of movement of the pelvis in the horizontal plane. As the pelvis has the freedom to move with the natural pedalling motion, the risk of developing discomfort or pain in the lumbar spine, the pelvis and the hips is minimised, said SQlab. Pedalling becomes more relaxed and premature fatigue is prevented. It also means that the spinal discs can align themselves correctly and will not experience an asymmetrical load. The spinal discs are therefore less exposed to potential injury.

The degree of movement of the saddle can be adjusted with different types of dampers. By using the black damper provided with the new saddles, the maximum weight allowed for the saddles is increased to 150 kilograms.

The new 602 M-D Active by SQlab is now available at SQlab distributor Oneway Distribution via shop.owd.nl. The retail price for this trekking saddle is £79.95. The new 621 M-D Active is expected to be delivered at the end of April. The retail price for the 621 M-D Active is £69.95. Pre-orders can be placed via your account manager or by calling to +31 10 340 3510.