Squire the first bike lock maker to achieve new digital Kitemark

UK manufacturer of security products Squire has become the first bike lock maker to achieve the Secure Digital Applications Kitemark for its Inigma digital security operating system.

With smart products becoming a trend, digital security has become a new focal point for the bike industry. With certification to the BSI Kitemark for Internet of Things (Residential) Squire can reassure customers that its products will not easily be tampered with digitally for any thief who employs tech-savvy rather than brute force to gain entry.

As with a Sold Secure marking, the Kitemark certification scheme for the IoT was developed in response to the rapid growth of internet connected products. It provides a quick and easy way for consumers to identify IoT devices they can trust to be safe, secure and functional.

Achieving certification to the Kitemark for the IoT for Squire’s Inigma cycle security products proves it has a secure digital operating system for controlling bike locks, padlocks and cylinders via smartphone and Bluetooth connection.

Squire’s BL1, FL1 and IC1 smart cycle locks work by using a smartphone and Bluetooth connection. They allow cyclists to lock and unlock their bike via the Inigma app download, which is available on the App Store or Google Play. Bike shops are able to obtain stock for their shelves via Ison Distribution in the UK.

There are no keys to lose or combinations to forget, making it convenient and flexible. Whilst other features include sharing the lock with friends and opening at set times and dates.

“Achieving the BSI Kitemark certification is testament to both the hard work and investment made in Squire’s Inigma system to ensure the function and security are of the highest standard for customers, said CEO John Squire.

“Our Inigma digital technology is designed by us to take lock security to the very highest level.  That’s why we’re proud to achieve the BSI Kitemark which reflects our premium brand status for ‘toughness guaranteed.”

David Mudd, Global Digital Product Certification Director at BSI, said: “In achieving the Kitemark for the IoT for its Inigma range of cycle locks, Squire has shown to its customers that it has adopted the latest connected technologies to improve their user experience responsibly and effectively. Customers can use these smart locks with the confidence that the appropriate cybersecurity controls are in place and will be through their intended life, which is a great “first” for the bike lock industry.

“Additionally, by achieving the Secure Digital Applications Kitemark, Squire has demonstrated that its Inigma digital operating system, used for controlling bike locks, padlocks and cylinders, has been designed with security as a prime consideration with effective cybersecurity controls embedded throughout.  These achievements show how Squire continues to be at the forefront of lock making in the digital age.”