SRAM updates X01 & GX DH groupsets

SRAM has launched the latest versions of its  X01 DH and GX DH groupsets, delivering quicker shifting, smarter gear steps and more precise chain management. According to SRAM, the X01 DH is purpose-built for gravity athletes, “from World Champions to the local pro.”


SRAM has welcomed DUB to the X01 DH family, with the premiere BB technology sealing better, lasting longer, reducing weight and offering flawless performance.


X01 DH X-SYNC Crankset

Engineered for the most ultimate and aggressive downhill rides, the X01 DH crankset has already proven itself in World Cup and World Championship racing. SRAM X-SYNC 2 1x delivers top chain retention in rough terrain and features DUB technology for strong, stiff, lightweight performance, meanwhile a new abrasion guard prevents rub and keeps the crank arm pristine.

FC-X0-1DH-B1 | MSRP: $383, €418*, £373* [*Includes VAT]


XG-795 MINI BLOCK Cassette

SRAM has optimised gear steps specifically for downhill riding through creating the MINI BLOCK 7-speed cassette with 10–24 gearing with two-tooth steps. This setup eliminates the need for double and triple shifts, and, due to its compact design, it’s also ultralight. The MINI BLOCK is compatible with all SRAM 11-speed chains and any XD wheel.

CS-XG-795-A1 | MSRP: $282, €302*, £270* [*Includes VAT]


X01 DH X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur

Engineered to maintain consistent chain gap across all seven gears, X-HORIZON delivers faster shifting and reduced shift force while eliminating vertical movement and ghost shifting. Coupled with the Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH, you get impressive chain management; quiet, consistent and long-lasting.

A short or medium cage length fits the chainstay, while it is built high and tight to steer clear of the trail. CAGE LOCK makes wheel changes simple and quick, and can be paired with X01 DH 7-speed shifter for full X-ACTUATION technology.

RD-X0-1DH-A3 | MSRP: $252, €276*, £246* [*Includes VAT]


X01 DH X-ACTUATION Trigger Shifter

The X01 DH trigger shifter is built for two things: precision and dependability. ZERO LOSS engages the cables instantly for nanosecond shifts, while an adjustable thumb paddle allows for personalisation, so riders can dial their trigger positioning. Additionally, the aluminium cover and forged aluminium pull lever create the strength and durability to conquer tough terrain.

The thumb paddle is adjustable up to 30 degrees. The shifter is MatchMaker X compatible for a tidy cockpit and features a discreet clamp to optimise setup.

SL-X0-DH-A2 | MSRP: $138, €150*, £134* [*Includes VAT]


GX DH incorporates technologies from the industry-leading X01 DH drivetrain into a more approachable package. SRAM focused on what matters most and cut zero corners, so this workhorse, “won’t slow down your ride — or lighten your wallet.”

Descendant DH Crankset

The DESCENDANT DH with an aluminium crank is robust, dependable and rock solid, pairing strategic weight savings with reliability burliness. What’s more, it saves you money both upfront and in the long-term. Described by SRAM as, “A lightweight, affordable and dependable DH crankset.”

FC-DESC-DH-B1 | MSRP: $164, €176*, £158* [*Includes VAT]


PG-720 Cassette

The GX DH cassette was built with one purpose; quality of gravity riding. It’s a downhill-optimised 7-speed cassette, with gear steps that give the rider more purpose on each shift. A compact design allows more spoke clearance and saves grams. Dedicated to gravity, this SRAM 1x cassette is focused, value-priced and performance-driven.

It is compatible with wheels with splined 8/9/10-speed driver bodies, and compatible with SRAM 11-speed chains. According to the brand, this is, “The most affordable 1x DH cassette in the industry.”

CS-PG-720-A1 | MSRP: $31, €37*, £33* [*Includes VAT]


GX DH 1x X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur

SRAM’s engineers designed the GX DH 1x X-HORIZON, to be reliable, precise and incredibly easy to shift. It is fully compatible with the SRAM X01 DH drivetrain, while CAGE LOCKtechnology  makes wheel changes simple and quick.

RD-GX-1DH-A3 | MSRP: $112, €126*, £113* [*Includes VAT]


GX DH X-ACTUATION Trigger Shifter

Designed and engineered by SRAM in Germany, the GX DH Trigger Shifter is designed for accuracy. Each click signals a precise shift: to sprint out of the corner, approach the next table or power to the finish line. It is MatchMaker X compatible for a tidy cockpit and is fully compatible with the SRAM X01 DH drivetrain.

SL-GX-DH-A2 | MSRP: $46, €50*, £45* [*Includes VAT]

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