Stores invited to try Elvedes ‘Slick’ cables with free sample

Elvedes supplies both brake and gear inner cables, as well as the normal (regular) versions they offer a slick version. The stainless slick inner cable is pre stretched, by hammering during post-production, which enables the stretch and also creates an extra smooth (slick) surface.

This post-production work has many advantages including, faster gear changes and more immediate braking. With the stretching taken out of the inner cable the system requires very little adjustment. The smooth surface helps the slick cable move through the outer cable with much less friction. Because of the smooth and cylindrical surface, these cables are excellent for sealed outer cable caps. It means dirt can’t get into the outer cable and the system remains supple and longer lasting.

If your store hasn’t tried the slick Elvedes cables, please contact Dave Carey at and he will arrange some free samples for you to try. Samples are limited availability.

Elvedes has been distributed in the UK by The Cycle Division since February 2018.

For more information on the full Elvedes range, please contact The Cycle Division on 01484 665055, or email