Sturmey-Archer employs Google Street View to show off “museum” of bike memorabilia

Sturmey-Archer has employed the services of Google’s Street View to give brand enthusiasts a walkthrough of its “museum” of bike and motorcycle memorabilia.

General Manager Alan Clarke told CyclingIndustry.News: “You can now use your computer to “ enter our premises” online. In our entrance hall you will see my collection of Sturmey-Archer posters. Using the mouse, you can then click into our showroom where (apart from our current range of products) you can also look in our museum of bike parts, where you’ll also find a motorbike section and a separate cabinet showing what Sturmey-Archer made from 1938-45.”

Bike businesses looking to add this functionality to their business can do so by contacting a Street View Trusted photographer. You can learn about the program here and you can find a professional in your area here.

To have a look around yourself click here.

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