Surrey mountain bike instructor being sued for £4m following client crash

The Telegraph are reporting that a Surrey Hills cycling instructor is being sued for £4 million by a solicitor left paralysed having fallen during a skills session.

Asif Ahmed, who paid £79 for a beginners’ course at Peaslake in the Surrey Hills, fell on the Barry Knows Best trail – one of the tamer lines at the off-road cycling destination.

Described as a sporty solicitor, Ahmed, 47, of Greenwich accuses the tutor Leon MacLean of using a “lazy form of teaching”.

MacLean’s lawyers insist that no pressure is put on students to complete anything outside of their comfort zone, further arguing that Ahmed took the wrong route down the track on his first attempt and then again on his his second run where the incident took place.

“I am 100% sure he made the same mistake twice,” MacLean told the High Court.

“I was surprised at the time. It had been on my mind for four-and-a-half years and i am absolutely positive it happened,” he added.

With 12 years’ experience mountain biking, MacLean’s case argues that there was nothing unreasonable about progressing Ahmed to the Barry Knows Best trail.

A ruling is to be delivered at a later date,