Taichung Bike Week date change tightens industry event calendar, one day added

OEM event Taichung Bike Week will extend its schedule in 2020 on the back of industry requests to allow more time for deals to be made.

The 2020 instalment, the organiser’s 16th, will now run over four September days, spanning the 22nd to 25th.

The shift forwards by a month reflects a general forwards trend by the bike industry in decisions on spec. It is also delivered in response to exhibitors pondering whether less American visitors attended this year due to having visited factories earlier.

The decision will pile on some renewed pressure on the bike industry’s jet setters; just three weeks earlier the trade will be converging around Lake Constance for the Eurobike show. It is also likely to put it on a collision course with the UK’s Cycle Show, which takes place just days earlier on the 18th to 20th of September. The organisers of Taichung Bike Week suggest the crossover in attendance between shows may not be very high.

A statement on this year’s event suggests that a total of 407 exhibitors were attracted to participate in 2019, using 492 booths.

“Even though many international bicycle shows have had to face a trend of decline, the overall scale of this year’s TBW was 15% higher than last year. The event has become a unique and professional platform for global OEM manufacturers and bicycle parts brands to showcase their latest products to product managers from the international bike industry,” said the organiser, Steve Fenton, in a statement.

The date shift and extended schedule is also said to appeal to American bicycle businesses, many of whom tend to visit Asian factories toward the end of Q3.

According to the Taichung Bike Week website, the hotels used to host the event in 2020 will include the Evergreen, Tempus and Splendor.