Tantrum Cycles’ “pedal like a hardtail” Missing Link suspension concept goes to Kickstarter

Tantrum Cycles, the creators of what is dubbed “The Missing Link” suspension system, has gone to Kickstarter with its idea.

Self described as “the link that has been missing between motorcycle suspension and bicycle suspension”, Tantrum says that its design allows for the rear shock to be fully extended on step climbs, all while retaining bump absorption capabilities. This, says founder Brian Berthold, will effectively offer an extra 3 to 4-degrees in steepness at the head tube during a climb that comparable travel bikes.

Berthold’s page says: “Simply put, this puts the rider in a much better position on the bike, more over the pedals and handlebar, enabling more of the rider’s energy to go directly into pedaling. It’s so much easier to climb, because you are focused on pedaling and the terrain, not trying to maintain a good position on the bike while feeling as if you’re falling off the back.

“On a long travel trail or enduro bike, this translates into easier climbs , with more energy at the top for the fun stuff to come. For a short travel cross country bike, this translates into time. It is said that cross country races are won on the climbs. The Missing Link offers a quantifiable time advantage on a climb.”

Berthold talks more about the patent pending system, only found on the brand’s 2017 bikes, here: