Multi-modal transport encouraged with £2.5 million cycle parking boost

A £2.5 million pot from central Government designed to promote multi-modal travel will see cycle parking capacity at 30 key UK railway stations bolstered.

Likely to see the creation of around 1,180 cycle parking spots, the funding pot comes alongside Saturday’s clarification on a £225 million fund to create pop up cycling infrastructure, reallocate some road space and potentially create some permanent installations to promote safer cycling.

Sustrans’ was among those welcoming the news, flagging the connectivity perks of a door to door multi-modal transport offering.

David Hibbs, Programme Coordinator at Sustrans said: “Making it easier for people to access public transport by foot or by cycle is essential in helping reduce our reliance on the private car, as well as tackling congestion in our urban centres and around principal public transport stations.

“Walking and cycling to rail stations as part of a multi-modal door-to-door journey is becoming more popular.

“The proportion of rail journeys involving a bicycle has increased by 75% since 2010, and this figure could be increased if good facilities are provided.

“These grants, which are now managed by Sustrans on behalf of the Department for Transport, are the latest in a series which has transformed the facilities available at stations around the country.

“We are looking forward to working with the industry partners and local government to ensure that the grants enable more people to combine cycling and rail. Looking more broadly, we want to work to improve access routes to stations (beyond the scope of this round of grants) which is entirely in line with Government aspirations for more active travel as we move out of lockdown.”

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps also over the weekend began to detail a £50 voucher scheme for bike repairs that mirrors a similar scheme in France. As it stands most bike shops will struggle to make room in their workshops for more jobs, with countless reporting that their books full for weeks to come.

Elsewhere around the globe some train firms are going further, building in specific carriages for those seeking a true end-to-end multi-modal solution. In Japan carriages ready to host up to 99 cyclists exist.

Japan’s cycle carriages