Ursus B2B shop goes live with added dealer stock incentives

Italian wheel and component maker Ursus has a new B2B shop, now live and accessible to UK bike shops here. 

Built to give dealers the tools to track stock in real time, order and get valuable support at the touch of a button, the new B2B comes with a number of stockist incentives built in. These include:

  • Free shipment for all orders of €500 (£417.90) or more.
  • 5% discount on invoice for all orders with total amount more than €1,500,00 (£1,253.69)
  • 7% discount on invoice for all orders with total amount more than €2,000 (£1,671.59)
  • 10% discount on invoice for all orders with total amount more than €4,000 (£3,343.18)
  • If you order at least 3 pairs of wheels, Fli will send you a new wheels display for free (The offer is only valid if at least 1 pair is a carbon wheelset).

The new special edition £999.99 wheelsets (picture above) are not yet on the B2B. They are available to order for UK dealers, but the order needs to be placed via FLi – Retail.

Fli Distribution, contactable on 01484 535 544, will handle all orders placed.

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