Vello Bike expands into touring market with new front and rear racks

Austrian folding bicycle brand Vello Bike has branched out into the touring market with the launch of its new detachable front and foldable rear racks, as seen at this year’s MOVE 2020.

Already enjoyed in the commuter market throughout Europe due to its lightness and range capacity, the Vello folding e-Bike has undergone a regeneration for the touring market, featuring a longer range, the introduction of new racks, and the development of the brand’s own bikepacking bags and lights.

The Vello also has a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which transforms spare kinetic energy into electrical energy to recharge the battery up to 100% while riding downhill, braking and pedalling, the brand claims.

“We now offer the full package,” explained Co-Founder Valerie Wolff. “We started in 2014 on kickstarter launching the non-electric model, and by 2016 we raised over £1 million with our patented front folding system. Since then we have been setting up a network of dealers throughout Europe, from whom we’ve had lots of positive feedback so far.”

Vello’s patented Magnet-Link rear folding system operates via a magnetic connecting element which enables intuitive folding, and also serves as the bike’s suspension. Fully foldable mudguards and handlebars aid in the compact folding of the bike, making it suitable for multi-modal travel and integration with public transport.

Adding to the e-Bike’s touring credentials are the brand’s lights (conformed to German-standard) and its bags which each have a 25kg carrying capacity, aimed at bickpackers and adventure cyclists alike, as well as commuters and urban riders.

In 2019, Vello Bikes won a German Federal Eco Design award, the country’s highest award for ecological design, and has previously won a Red Dot Design Award and European Product Design award.

Wolff told CI.N the brand is now in talks with a couple of UK distributors. There will be more details on this as they emerge.

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