Velocite warns legal action against patent infringements

In response to discovering competing bike brands infringing on its intellectual property, Velocite has now issued a statement warning copycats off.

The infringement in question relates to the brand’s “concave downtube”, a design that shields the water bottle against airflow, thus improving aerodynamic flow.

Having already discovered “several bike brands” considered to be using the brand’s design without permission, legal advice has now been sought.

The firm’s statement re-affirmed that it will take action against copycats going forwards, offering:

“Velocite is the patentee of the Taiwan Utility Model Patent No.M501406 “Aerodynamic Bicycle Frame”, a patent correspondent to the above-identified Taiwan patent has also been granted in China under the name of Velocite as No. ZL201520139826.6 (the above mentioned Taiwanese and Chinese patents are collectively referred to as the “Patents” hereinafter). 

Velocite has put the Patents into practice and are selling and marketing the patented products in various areas including Italy. The business of the patented products has proven to be a commercial success to our client. Velocite highly cherishes the commercial value of the Patents, and will enforce its patent right against any infringer by taking proper legal action available under the law.

If you have any question or comment on the contents of this statement, please contact our company as soon as possible.”