Want to get paid to cycle? Say hello to Lacuna’s pedal-powered advertising board

Fancy getting paid to cycle? Of course you do. Much like existing platforms whereby drivers can be paid to turn their vehicles into moving advertisements, Lacuna Digital has developed a cyclist-powered digital advertising board that will promo while you pedal.

Launching July 1st, the firm is pitching itself as the world’s first carbon neutral digital advertising platform with its pannier rack mounted eBoard1 product.

Dan at Lacuna told CyclingIndustry.News: “We are launching with 150 cyclists and aim to grow alongside a launch sponsor to 2,000 within the first year. Lacuna Digital exists to provide a true incentive to travel on two wheels, or to reward those who already do. We pay cyclists per mile for travelling green whilst offering the cities newest digital advertising medium to build upon the smart city.

“The Lacuna eBoard 1 is the first digital bike screen that powers itself entirely from kinetic energy. It attaches just like a pannier rack and the pedal power makes it the first 100% carbon neutral digital ad platform on the planet.”

Currently limited to London, but with potential to expand, Lacuna propose to pay riders per mile logged, (though we expect that this could vary in and out of peak times).

The eBoard1 will use Geo location to tailor adverts and will use of live data streams to update information in real time.

You can sign up to be an early adopter here. 

The Lacuna eBoard1


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  • That’s a really cool idea to have a screen powered by cycling. Being paid to bike to work is also an extra bonus. This is a great idea to get a company’s name out there while also helping reduce traffic and encourage exercise. So many cool things come from bicycle advertising.

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