YT’s Reno distribution closes in favour of new California office

Direct to consumer bike label YT Industries has ceased its relationship with Cam and Howie Zink, who had established the brand in the U.S. via a Reno distribution centre.

MTBR reports that inventory management issues have forced the brand’s hand in pulling the distribution rights in favour of a new California office in San Clemente. The site reports that when the controversial Jeffsy bike landed inventory was far behind demand, something that took the brand a while to catch up on.

The new office will operate as a subsidiary of YT Industries USA Inc and will be running the US business as of the 1st Dec, 2017. This means the brand will fully implement its European direct sales strategy in the USA, offering US customers “more attractive pricing, improved service and increased availability of bikes.”

Cam Zink will remain on the brand’s athlete roster and continue to contribute to the business.