ZyroFisher implements long term changes in wake of Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, ZyroFisher brought in several changes to its operational structure and service delivery in order to facilitate the continued service to its dealer base.

The distributor’s warehouse and supply chain are two areas in which Covid-19 restrictions, and subsequent increase in demand, drove it to make changes to improve consumer service. These changes are now planned to become a permanent part of ZyroFisher’s service to the market.

A new replenishment model has been facilitated, which has resulted in a 60% increase in productivity. In order to meet immediate demand, the operations team developed a new pick and pack routine to allow the business to drive efficiency and respond to increased order volumes. This short-term adaptation will now be permanently built into ZyroFisher’s IT systems.

An additional chute is also being built into the distributor’s multi-tier pick platform within the warehouse, which will not only allow increased output for orders but will also see increased input from the replenishment team. This means bottlenecks that may occur during times of increased demand will be eliminated, and a faster turnaround for customer orders will be delivered. This project is expected to be completed by September.

The warehouse is also moving to a paperless dispatch model to increase efficiency and add to the distributor’s growing list of environmental changes implemented over the past year.

“We have learnt a lot over recent weeks with the changes we have had to implement due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Tom Ainscough, ZyroFisher Operations Director. “We are excited that this period is now leading to investment from the business to implement some long term changes which will see increased productivity from our warehouse. We are constantly striving to improve, we want to be able to offer our customers the very best service and products and these investments will allow us to move this to another level.”


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