130 oBikes seized in Wandsworth in crackdown on dockless share

Dockless bike share scheme oBike is off to a poor start in Wandsworth with the council seizing 130 bicycles reportedly found to be blocking pavements.

The local authority has now asked the Singapore-based share firm to “re-think the way their business operates.” Where deployed in Hammersmith and Fulham the bikes are to be removed until a consultation takes place, reports The Standard.

Launched only last month in London and less than a year old, the firm allows users to unlock bicycles via a mobile app. Pricing is set according to credit points with users shown to display poor riding habits subjected to higher rental rates. Fees are charged by the half hour for use.

Dockless bike share schemes have suffered with a number of teething problems, largely attributed to user behaviour. In the far-east the impact of low-cost sharing has drastically impacted sales of low-to-mid-range bicycles.