4iiii Innovations Inc. initiates Crank Buyback Programme

Precision power meter brand, 4iiii Innovations Inc., has initiated a Crank Buyback Programme in a bid to offer cyclists a way to recycle cranks and help provide opportunities to underprivileged youth.

Through the programme, riders are able to send in Left Side Shimano crank arms to receive up to $45 cash or the option of donating the money to an amazing charitable organisation.

Returned cranks are cleaned, inspected and rigorously tested before having a new 4iiii Powermeter installed and offered as Ride Ready recycled Powermeters.

Phil White, 4iiii President, said: “We’re very excited to introduce this new initiative. Everyone benefits from a circular economy where we reduce waste, reuse products and preserve resources in an effort to protect our environment.”

The program will extend across North America initially, however, the brand has future plans for a global rollout alongside international partners.

For more information and a complete list of eligible crank arms, visit 4iiii.com/crank-buyback.

4iiii Innovations Inc. is a sports technology company dedicated to improving personal performance by developing training tools such as cycling power meters, heart rate monitors, and cycling trainers for the outdoor and indoor cycling and fitness markets