50,000 more bike repair vouchers snapped up in hours

Demand for the Government’s Bike Repair Voucher scheme has once again far surpassed the second batch allocation of 50,000 just hours on from launch.

Announced only yesterday afternoon with light fanfare the second of ten proposed allocations has today begun filtering through to workshops, who had been encouraging the Government to keep the work flowing.

Cycle retail businesses had previously suggested that some customers were holding back repair work until the next release of vouchers, which in tandem with the arrival of wintery conditions, had seen the spring summer peak quickly evaporate. Likewise, a lack of stock in the supply network has quickly seen many businesses experience a rapid boom to bust scenario.

With that in mind, the Energy Saving Trust statement reassures that batch three will likely follow quicker than the three and a half month window between the debut tranche and the second.

“The voucher scheme has been hugely popular and all vouchers in the current batch have now been allocated. We are continuing to release the vouchers in batches to ensure there is enough capacity in the bike repair market. We anticipate the next release to follow more quickly than the last as the supply chain bounces back from Covid-19 related shortages,” offers the Energy Saving Trust website to those visiting in hope of scooping £50 toward their repair bill.

The bike repair voucher scheme is open to any bike shop or workshop in England that carries the required insurances. The Energy Saving Trust vouchers can only be claimed at the listed businesses, for which a map now lists each participant. Scotland has a separate scheme for which bike shops are pair in £1,000 instalments up front.

If your business is yet to register to take part in the bike repair scheme it may now do so here.

Such was the demand for the vouchers upon release of the first batch the website crashed under load of the visitor numbers.