50cycles offers e-bike trade-in & upgrade scheme

Cyclists who embraced the e-bike revolution as long as a decade ago can now upgrade their current bikes through a trade-in scheme by UK retailer, 50cycles.

50cycles founder and CEO, Scott Snaith, revealed the idea came from staff contacting several thousand Kalkhoff owners about replacing their batteries: “It’s fair to say that we’ve had a huge increase in enquiries about electric bike trade-in lately. Many of our customers own bikes that work but are showing their age.

“It’s great to be able to announce that we will now accept trade-ins and can offer part exchange deals for people buying a new model from us.”

50cycles has created an easy-to-use link on its website for anyone interested in seeing what their bike is worth and what they could replace it with. Customers can then part-exchange their existing bike for a new e-bike from 50cycles’ 2019 product range.

Staff will repair and service bikes before they go back on sale, with those beyond repair being used for parts. The company says the bikes do not have to be in tip-top condition, with even the most road-worn having spare parts potential.

Snaith continued: “It was also very satisfying to discover that so many of these bikes, often at least a decade old, are still working and bringing so much pleasure to their riders.

“[…] But times change and technology has moved on and advanced to a level that was unheard just a short time ago. Many people who have had their e-bikes for quite some time are now very curious as to how far they have changed and developed. By trading in their old bikes, they can access a whole range of quality bikes that are currently on the market.”

Snaith expects the scheme to spark high interest from the owners of Honda Step Compos, Panasonic WiLL bikes, eZee Sprints, Quandos, Fortes and Forzas, amongst others. The retailer is also happy to exchange more recent brands including Cubes, Riese & Müllers, and Scotts.

“If it’s in good working condition and ready to ride, that’s great. But even if it’s just taking up room in a garage or shed, and people aren’t sure what state it’s in, drop us a line,” Snaith added. “If it is truly only good for scrap we’ll consider that too. It may be recoverable or have parts value.”

“We’ve taken several bikes in part exchange so far and we are getting them ready for sale soon. For anyone considering buying an e-bike it’s worth keeping an eye on our Used Bikes section.”

The company may also donate used bikes to cycling charities if they are in good enough condition. Customers unable to bring their old bike to one of 50cycles’ showrooms can use a collection service when their new e-bike is delivered.

Snaith concluded: “We’d like to hear from anyone who has bought an electric bike from us at any time. 50cycles is in a unique position to make this offer.”

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