82% parents confident in taking children outside for active pursuits like cycling, reveals poll

New research has revealed 82% of parents feel ‘confident’ in taking their children outside for active pursuits such as cycling in the current lockdown environment.

The poll, carried out by OnePoll on behalf of kids’ bike brand Black Mountain Bikes, surveyed 2,000 parents across the UK with children aged 23-14 about their favourite outdoor activities and attitudes towards outdoor exercise.

Cycling was also voted the most popular family activity for outdoor exercise during the UK’s lockdown to fight Covid-19, in the poll.

35% of parents voted cycling as the outdoor exercise they would feel most confident in doing during the lockdown, followed by walking (29%), wildlife trails (25%), jogging (20%), and climbing (16%).

The poll is part of a larger study by Black Mountain on how the coronavirus lockdown is impacting outdoor exercise and activities for families.

The study suggests that the lockdown itself, combined with the fact that people are living more locally, may be driving a situational resurgence in outdoor exercise and families choosing to do physical activities together. The study also found that parents in Northern Ireland, the South West of England and East Anglia are likely to have the most restless kids during the lockdown.

With children now spending more time at home than ever before, the survey also revealed almost nine in 10 parents believe their children are currently eager to take part in outdoor exercise such as cycling. According to Black Mountain, these findings contrast with studies published in the months prior to the lockdown, which warned primary school kids were becoming more inactive with each year that passes.

“With children cooped up at home due to the coronavirus restrictions, physical outdoor exercise such as cycling is more important than ever to help families protect their physical and mental health,” said Andy Lloyd, Founder of Black Mountain Bikes. “Getting active outside can improve cardiovascular and muscle health, and can have unexpected health benefits for the body and mind, such as decreased stress levels and improved attention span, sleep and vitamin D levels.”

Despite cycling coming out on top as the most popular outdoor activity for families, the poll found that four in five parents were unable to fit a child’s bike properly, and many weren’t clued up on cycling safety, which in turn could lead to less enjoyment and an increased likelihood in accidents for their kids.

A remedy to this, Black Mountain has developed a collection of children’s bikes, the EPOK series, with a unique adjustable from that grows in size age the child ages and develops their cycling skills.

More information and analysis from the study can be found here.

And it’s not just families who are keen to cycle more as we move out of lockdown, with a third of people across the UK agreeing they could ditch their car in favour of cycling or walking post crisis for many of their everyday journeys, such as commuting and trips to the shops.

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