AA publishes cyclist’s Highway Code

The Automobile Association has published what it calls the Cyclist’s Highway Code, a publication signed off Carlton Reid, the Author of books such as Roads Were Not Built For Cars and the iPayRoadTax campaign, among other titles.

Just last month the UK’s Road Safety Minister, Andrew Jones, said in the House of Commons that there were currently no plans to introduce an update to the Highway Code in relation to cycling.

Chris Boardman says of the title: “The bicycle is such a simple tool, but one which can improve your health, reduce congestion and make our towns and cities more livable. British Cycling welcomes the AA Cyclist’s Highway Code as it should encourage new cyclists and help parents get their children into cycling.”

A recent survey by the AA showed that 22% of its members cycled in some form, with one in ten cycling between one to five miles a week, something which prompted the AA to present the new Code.

Edmund King, AA president, added: “Cyclists and drivers are often the same people and the Highway Code is important whether you are on two wheels or four.

“I am grateful to cycling expert Carlton Reid, executive editor of BikeBiz magazine, who has helped to check this publication in terms of good advice and accuracy. As a keen cyclist and father of three cycling children, I would urge you to check out this book. Today more than one fifth of AA members regularly cycle and this guide will encourage a new generation to join them.”

Sections within the publication also detail advice on purchasing and caring for your bike, as well as picking the right accessories.

The Cyclist’s Highway Code is now on sale for £4.99 in book shops, or online.