Accelerate Agency moves into augmented reality apps for cycle market

London’s Accelerate Agency has announced that it is now capable of producing augmented reality apps for cycling labels.

Dubbed AcceleratAR, the technology will now be familiar to many much thanks to the Pokemon Go app, something that many bike retailers eventually turned to their advantage.

In turning the tech to cycling industry advantage, Accelerate will now offer cycle labels new ways to display product and offers.

Sam Jacobs, Creative Developer at Accelerate commented: “With roughly 56% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, it is now harder than ever to stand out in today’s online markets. Accommodating Augmented Reality into mobile applications not only makes your product stand out from the crowd, it also creates the foundation to invigorate existing marketing and generate entirely new tools to help drive sales.

“Additionally, it’s visual impact on a user creates a natural talking point, prompting organic traffic to the application, as well as increasing user interaction and providing a rich user experience – that will have your customer base coming back time and time again.”

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