ACT, ATG and bike industry collaborate on new apprenticeship standard

A group of bike retailers and suppliers, in tandem with the ACT and ATG Training, have submitted a draft proposal to the Institute of Apprentices in a bid to create a new standard for the UK cycling business.

Two new apprenticeship standards are proposed – Cycle Mechanic and Senior Cycle Mechanic.

Now with the Institute for Apprentices, further modifications can no longer be made. If accepted, the proposal’s content will become the new standard for maintenance apprenticeships in the cycling market going forwards.

The content, according to the ACT, will be employer led, as opposed to engineering led, better reflecting the reality of the modern cycling mechanic.

Suzanne Read, Head of Cycles at ATG Training commented “I think it is vital that the previously successful Apprenticeship Frameworks are updated to reflect the needs of the cycle industry and to include aspects that historically have only been covered in an ad hoc basis. I am confident that within the Trailblazer group we have a good cross section of the industry and in conjunction with the ACT and other Training Providers we can create something of true value to the industry within the new Apprenticeship Cycle Mechanic and Senior Cycle Mechanic Standards.”

The advanced Senior Cycle Mechanic apprenticeship will now offer provision for pupils to expand upon their knowledge, leading into management and team leadership skills, as well as retail shop management and legislative compliance.

The ATG is to maintain its current apprenticeship delivery until a new standard is agreed upon.

Those interested in taking on an apprentice can call the ATG on 01296 737 800 for more advice.