Fit Bike Co boosts bikes for kids range with balance offerings

BMX brand Fit has for the first time introduced balance bikes to its portfolio, building on an expanding range of pro builds, 22″ wheeled bikes and other offshoots.

Brand owner Chris Moeller told CI.N: “I can’t get my kids off them! I wanted them to look like adult bikes and they’re built with Steel, so will pass down the generations like the rest of our bikes.”

Expected to be in stock with distributors by November, Moeller said that despite the $150 price tag there’s no corner cutting, with the bikes even carrying the brand’s own tyres with reflective sidewalls.

The adult portfolio has for MY18 seen a geometry refinement, a trend toward yet still bigger bars and each bike delivered with brakes adjusted, something Moeller says is too often a corner cut at the factory in BMX circles. Two freecoaster-clad builds feature in the 2018 catalogue.

Now into its second year making 22″ wheeled bikes, the firm has its own tooling for tyres and has its own rims made.

“They’re the perfect bike for someone who wants to ride like they used to,” says Moeller of the 22″ bikes. “You may end up transitioning back to 20″ as i have, but with a quick release seat clamp they’re also perfect for getting around town in comfort.”

One of the firm’s signature pro builds in a stunning copper shade