ARCC Innovations to launch Mk II Pod system and two new bikes at the NEC cycle show.

Cambridge based ARCC has a different approach to e-bike propulsion, using Bosch’s readily available 36V battery system (as used in many power-tools). Combined with a hub drive motor and their own electronics, the company apply the system only to specific bikes and are keen to emphasise they are not a “universal fit type of system” like many others on the market.

ARCC have now have joined forces with a custom frame builder to offer their own complete bikes.

The ARCC system

ARCC’s e2-pod Intelligent Power system has proven to be a popular option for Brompton/Moulton customers looking to buy a new bike or retrofit their current bike. The Mk II is controlled over Bluetooth via ARCC’s handlebar control unit or iPhone app. Also included are 3 USB-C ports plus the ability to integrate ARCC’s lights which will follow in the coming months. The use of brake switches enables the “launch control” feature (3 seconds of maximum power to assist with starting from stationary).

ARCC’s emphasis on quality is reinforced by its five-year warranty offered as standard on every system. With the readily available 36V Bosch Battery forming the heart of the design, customers can expect a range of up to 30 miles for the 4Ah version or up to 40 miles for the 6Ah version. The battery weighs just 1.3 kg and fully recharges in only 35 minutes. Riders wanting extra capacity on a single trip can double their range with the optional ARCC spare battery holder.


Brompton & Moulton

The Mk II pod will be available to retrofit to Brompton & Moulton bicycles as well as providing an electric option for ARCC’s debut original bikes: The Rosemont & The Abington. A complete re-design of the electrical hardware within the pod, coupled with the development of the algorithm driven software, has increased the power delivery efficiency whilst enabling a significant reduction in the total size and weight.

Complete Bikes

Using its manufacturing & production expertise, ARCC has now collaborated with bespoke bicycle builder Toby Gallagher of TOAD cycles to build its own bikes. The step-through framed Rosemont and diamond framed Abington offer:

* Aerospace grade tubular steel frames

* TRP Spyre disc brakes

* 8 or 11 speed Shimano Alfine or 14 speed Rohloff internally geared hubs

* A weight from 11kg (from 15kg for the electric version)

Both bikes will be available to test ride at the NEC cycle show and more information about ARCC can be found on the website