GoPro launch new Hero 7 Black

After much anticipation, GoPro have unveiled their latest camera, the Hero 7 Black.

The Hero 7 Black, retailing at £379.99, boasts a number of additional features than its predecessor, the Hero 6.

One of the highlighted specs of the new camera is the gimbal-like stabilisation feature which delivers HyperSmooth smooth 4K60 video in 1080p240. This HyperSmooth feature is ideal when the camera is strapped to the front of a helmet or bike. The 12 mega-pixel camera also has an 8x slow motion addition and live-streaming feature so users can broadcast live as they film.

The Hero 7 Black can be controlled by up to 14 different voice commands, and features a new touchscreen interface with the aim of simplifying its use. The camera is waterproof up to 33 ft, and has an inbuilt GPS feature.

The Hero 7 Black’s improvements also include a redesigned microphone membrane to reduce noise caused by vibrations that pass through the mount. The camera also has a SuperPhoto mode which automatically detects when to apply noise reduction and HDR facilities. The camera can also detect when it is vertical or horizontal, meaning that the user no longer has to rotate photos after they have been taken.

The Hero 7 Black is the flagship product of a brand new range announced by GoPro, which also features the Hero 7 Silver, Hero 7 White and Fusion.

The Hero 7 Silver, priced at £279.99, has many of the 7 Black’s features, but lacks the HyperSmooth video and live streaming aspects. The Hero 7 White, retailing at £179.99, is the cheaper, simplified version of the two cameras, with a 10 mega-pixel camera, voice control touchscreen and 2x slow motion aspect.

The Fusion, retailing at £649.99, captures 360 degree 5.2K photos and videos with an 18 mega-pixel camera. The Fusion has a stabilisation feature, as well as voice control. The overcapture aspect of the Fusion allows users to turn 360 degree footage in the pictures and videos they can share through their smartphone.

GoPro announced they have made losses in all but one of the last 11 quarters, with speculation that the company may be taken over in the near future.

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